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AvionicSea launches Android app

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Fort Lauderdale, FL. / Press Release/May 21, 2023 / AvionicSea Corporation.

AvionicSea launches new social media app for its electronics geek's enthusiast. The app is available in Google Play and App stores. Like, share, comment and share aviation electronics stuff.

What are the app features?

Designed for all of our electronic enthusiasts. In this social network, you can post, like, share, and comment electronics stuff.


Get updated with the latest news. Share pictures, videos and tag your friends!


Enjoy our journal, company news and educational information!


Follow, send direct messages between members.

Electronic Geeks in one click ready to answer: Installations, modifications and troubleshooting questions!


- are you hiring? You can post your job information in the app.

- are you looking for a job? Find your ideal job here.






Expand, growth and stay updated on latest's electronic news!

More to come...

Send private messages, customize your profile, see notifications and your activity, tag and follow friends, much more to come!

Our app will allow us to growth our electronics community and expand our business model to the world. We are looking forward to providing services and education to all electronic industries and solidify the new technology with prepared staff and well-educated personnel.

About AvionicSea Corporation.

AvionicSea, Corp. is an education and electronics development company. We encourage and support technology to create high-quality workforce that are accessible to the industry.

Arnaldo Mateo, CEO.

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