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Boeing 777 break speed record for passenger travel

Updated: Jan 26

Fort Lauderdale, FL. / Aviation News /January 26, 2023 / AvionicSea Corporation. A Boeing 777 from China airlines flight 5116 cruise to a speed of 826 across the Pacific Ocean, potentially breaking records for passenger travel. The flight departed from Taipei TPE, landed (1 hour 13 minutes early) in Los Angeles LAX, by strong tailwinds. A boost from the Pacific jet stream, by the El Niño climate at more than 250 mph. Recently a British Air Boeing 747 flying near Greenland had set a record when it reached 825 mph in February 2020.

In this picture the GS (Ground Speed) 712 by a Boeing 737NG.

What is a Jet stream?

Jet streams are bands of strong wind that generally blow from west to east all across the globe. They impact weather, air travel and many other things that take place in our atmosphere.

There were more fast flights same week:

  • Philippine Airlines 112 from Manila to Los Angeles reached 819 mph.

  • Delta 276 from Tokyo to Detroit reached 817 mph.

  • Delta Flight 26 from Seoul to Atlanta reached 814 mph.

  • China Airlines 5382 from Taipei to Los Angeles reached 812 mph.

In the picture to the right or (Above) look at the circle Ground speed of 702, True airspeed of 485 and the wind pointed by the white arrow from 284 degrees at 224.

The Boeing 777 flew 7,205 miles in just 10 hours 18 minutes, which rounds to an average speed of 700 mph, including takeoff and landing. But the plane did not break the sound barrier because the aircraft was moving through the Jetstream at its cruise speed.

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