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Avionics Technician Program AVSEA




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About the licenses:

The Avionics Technician Program (ATPAVSEA)

The aviation industry approaches our association seeking the avionics personnel trained by Avionica USA to work in companies as an FCC Licensed Avionics Technician. Our main goal is to provide training to the community of the United States, so they can satisfy the need for avionics technicians in the aviation and related industries.

Our Avionics Training Program is based on the theory and hands-on regarding the reading and interpretation of blueprints/diagrams, wire harness fabrication, troubleshooting, installations, basic electronics, basic fiber optics, tests and related that the Avionics Technicians perform on the field of the Aviation industry. As part of our training we include the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) tests & licenses.

Our course focuses on teaching the proper techniques for installation of electronic equipment for navigation and communication systems of an aircraft. The Program will cover topics such as: Electronic navigation instruments and communication, technical education, aviation safety, quality control, human factor, and the newest aviation technology known as Next Generation.

ATPAVSEA includes Federal Communication Commission liscenses:

  • General Radiotelephone Operator License or GROL

  • Ship Radar Endorsement


Avionics Technicians install, inspect, test, adjust or repair avionics equipment such as radar, radio, navigation, and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles.*Our training includes job placement training and resume assistance.*On the Job Training (OJT) experience with our own FAA Certified Repair Station, Avionics NavComm Services.An average hourly salary of $31.41 hr. by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States.


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