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Avionics Technician Program UCF




72 Hours


About the licenses:

Aviation Technician Program University of Central Florida (ATPUCF)

Avionics Technicians Association (ATA) has partnered with the University of Central Florida’s Division of Continuing Education in offering a three-month, 72-hour, training program to prepare individuals for certification to work in the aviation industry. As partners with Avionica USA we provide the ATP training in our facilities located in Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

The Avionics Technician Program (ATP) focuses on teaching the proper techniques for installation of electronic equipment for navigation and communication systems of an aircraft. The Program will cover topics such as: Electronic navigation instruments and communication, technical education, aviation safety, quality control, human factor, and the newest aviation technology known as Next Generation.

More Information here: OUR TRAINING - Avionica USA - Technicians For The Future


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