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AvionicSea Corporation Full year 2023 earnings

Fort Lauderdale, FL. / Press Release/Jan 25, 2024 / AvionicSea Corporation.

2022 was a breakthrough year for AvionicSea Corporation as we combined all our efforts to achieve our goals despite challenges related to the world economic. But 2023 was more successful year for our company.

2023 we increase our revenue by 17% from previous year 2022, reducing our operating expenses by 10% and finish the year 2023 with a positive net income of 15%. We also managed to reduce our debt 65% and looking forward to continuing and paying off all our debt by 2025.

I want to thank all of our customers, for your support over the last 12 months. I also want to pay tribute to the amazing AvionicSea Team, for working incredibly hard and achieving great things throughout the year. We will continue our commitment to Safety First environment and bringing more value to the company.

In 2024, AvionicSea Corporation target is to continue our revenue to growth, paying back all debt by year of 2025 or sooner. We would like to invite investors to our company, new Instructors and additional staff and recruiters to expand our programs and services to the next level. Our team is highly passionate and committed to achieving our goals and maintaining high credibility toward the future.

Arnaldo Mateo, CEO

AvionicSea Corporation

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The Best!!!

Arnaldo Mateo
Arnaldo Mateo
Feb 27
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Thank you Nael! ✌

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