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First all-electric passenger airplane (Alice) takes flight

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Washington Grant County Airport/Aviation News/September 28, 2022 ( Alice first passenger airplane takes flight from Moses Lake, WA. Israeli company Eviation aircraft zero-emissions plane traveled 8 minutes at an altitude of 3,500 feet.

The battery technology is similar to that of an electric car or a cell phone and 30 minutes of charging, the 9 passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour, and about 440 nautical miles, with a max cruise speed of 250 knots, powered by two 640-kilowatt electric motors.

Photo by: EVIATION

Eviation mission to is build beautiful electric airplanes using advance technology and impeccable design, imagined and built by a committed and expert force. Eviation is all about expanding human possibilities by changing the way we think about air travel. Electric flight is a step change in how we will soon be travelling and shipping. It will change our society, says President and CEO Gregory Davis.

The magniX all-electric propulsion system for the Alice has been flight-tested and proven in other aircraft.

  • The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are ready to certify those aircraft that meet the highest standards in safety and viability.

  • The world is demanding an alternative to fossil fuel-powered flight, and Eviation has engineered an aircraft capable of delivering

PERFORMANCE Max Operating Speed260 ktas Day VFR Range250 nm* Landing Distance (MTOW, ISA, Sea Level, Dry)2,040 ft Take-off Distance (MTOW, ISA, Sea Level, Dry)2,750 ft

WEIGHTS MTOW18,400 lbs Useful Payload (Commuter)2,500 lbs POWER PLANT Model2 x magni650 Output700 kW each

*30 minutes energy reserve, LRC, MTOW

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