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China grabs Boeing and Airbus with the Comac C919

Fort Lauderdale, FL. / News /June 15, 2023 / AvionicSea Corporation.

The C919, China's first homegrown large jetliner, aircraft has a layout of 158 to 192 seats, and a range of 2,200 to 2,999 nautical miles. The Comac 919 is a twin-engine airliner that will competing with the Airbus 320 and the Boeing 737.

Comac 919, estimates price at $90-100 million. This is $50 million difference between the jet and its American and European rivals, with the A320neo at $111 million and the 737 MAX 8 at $121 million.

Avionics Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, CETC, GE AVIC, (General Electric joint venture with AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China).

Fight Control System - Full Authority Fly by wire and advanced active control technology. Parker, AVIC, Honeywell, MOOG

The Comac 919 flight deck is similar with Airbus style, side control joystick instead of the standard control column controlling the fly-by-wire system. Instrumentation is state of the art with two 15.4-inch main display screens in front of each pilot as well as a 12.5-inch side screen below the window. The C919 also with the option of a HUD (Head Up Display).

Engines Leap X1C engine supplied by CFMI, a joint venture between US based General Electric and French based SNECMA.

All photo credits: Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

The aircraft powered by two CFM International LEAP 1C with a thrust of about 25,000lb to 30,000lb. The nacelle, thrust reverser and exhaust system of the aircraft engine are provided by Nexcelle.

The airframe of the aircraft will be made of an aluminum alloy. The center wing box will be made from carbon fiber composites.

Maximum Fuel24,364 Lt (6,436 US Gal)

Maximum Payload20,400 kg / 45,000 Lb Empty Weight42,100 kg / 92,815 Lb Range Fully Laden Standard - 4,075 km (2,200 nm)

Extended Range - 5,555 km (2,999 nm) Cruise Mach .785 / 598 mph / 969 Kph Take-off distance2,000 M / 6,600 ft

Extended Range 2,200 M / 7,200 ft Service Ceiling12,100 M / 39,700 ft Approach Speed135 kn / 250 kph Landing/span1,600 M / 5,200 ft

Engines CFM International LEAP 1C / COMAC CJ-1000AThrust137.9 kN (31,000 lbf)

The C919 is available in different versions, such as basic, extended, shortened, cargo, special version and corporate version.

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