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Qantas Orders A350 for World’s Longest Flights Project Sunrise

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Toulouse, France/Aviation News/May 2, 2022 ( Group has confirmed that it will order 12 A350-1000s, 20 A220s and 20 A321XLRs. The A350-1000 was selected by Qantas to operate the world's longest commercial flights. Sydney and Melbourne with destinations such as London and New York non-stop for the first time ever. The A350-1000 is powered by the latest generation Trent XWB engines from Rolls-Royce.

What's Project Sunrise?

From Sydney to London or New York, you need to stop in an intermediary city. To avoid these stops, Qantas has long wanted to fly nonstop from Sydney to London and from Sydney to New York — flights that could take over 20 hours. Qantas has now placed an order for 12 A350-1000 that will be able to serve such a flight.

Qantas confirmed project sunrise direct flights from London and New York to Sydney will launch in 2025 after it placed a firm order for 12 Airbus A350-1000s. Delivery of all 12 A350-1000s will be completed by 2028.

Qantas is also ordering 20 Airbus 321XLR planes for short-haul international flying. Also 20 Airbus A220 planes replacing aging Boeing 717.

All in-production Airbus aircraft are certified to fly with a 50% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blend, with a target to increase this to 100% by 2030.

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