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737 MAX production concerns

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Fort Lauderdale, FL/Aviation News/March 9, 2022 (

The Boeing 737 MAX grounded on March 13, 2019, after the Indonesia crash in 2018 and the Ethiopia in 2019, killed both crashed a total of 346 people, here's the latest.

Increase production

The Boeing 737 MAX remains in healthy demand. Alaska Airlines is adding the MAX-8 and MAX-10 to have different sizes of the same general aircraft with the same common parts and training requirements to streamline costs.

The plan

Boeing plan is to get 335, 737 MAXs delivered by 2023's end. Before the tragedies, 737s were built at a rate of 52 per month.


The 737 MAX CFM International LEAP engines are more efficient and provide longer range at lower cost per passenger.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines with 14 Boeing 737 MAX 9s, making it the world's third-largest user, now has more MAX 9s than A321neos and non-ER B737-900s, and it has as many as B737-700s. Alaska fleet of 145 MAXs, will increase in revenue opportunities, while the larger-capacity aircraft will necessarily reduce seat-mile costs versus smaller aircraft.

Boeing struggled

Boeing delivered just 20 737 MAXs in February, continuing a trend that has the manufacturer struggling to shrink its inventory of narrowbody aircraft. The monthly 737 MAX delivery total was lower than expected, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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